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August 13, 2005



You are wonderful and what a great way to put it all into perspective. God keep you safe and all of those in your unit, too. That is my daily prayer for you.


i don't know if you should be speaking of being able to multi-task. that could be used against you once you get home. plus it debunks what the rest of us men have worked hard to nurture that myth that we can't multi-task. common' bro, watch what you say. &:~)


I am amazed that you can find time to post, period. I am grateful for the sacrifice that you and so many others have made on behalf of our nation. You rightly point out something that many of us don't think enough about--the sacrifices made by spouses, children, etc. I'll admit that since the majority of those I have personally known who have served/are serving in Iraq are single, I have not always considered this. Thanks for the reminder of the heart-rending realities of serving far from home. I pray that very soon you may feel the embrace of those you love.

Martha Ryan

Was just reading your post. Their is a song coming out Sept. 5th on country stations called "Hero at Home" about and for the wives of the soldiers. The singers name is April Taylor. I got to go to Nashville to watch the video being made that will come out on CMT in Sept. also. It's a great song and you need to listen for it. If you would like more information on it just let me know and I can get you the web site so you can hear some of the song.


Hi, my husband is over there with you. I just read Been a While, and i thank you for bringing this to the attention of others. I have heard soem of the horror stories of how wives have left their soldiers and i cannot for the life of me understand how some people have been as unappreciative or uncaring as some have been of their spouses. I am very proud of all of you and am proud to be a military wife. All involved in this stiuation have had to make sacrifices that have made us heartsick. I just wnat to let you know that we back home are proud and that we love you and miss you so very much. All of you guys are in my prayers.

Lew laurito

This is an open message to all our soldiers in Iraq. If you are reading the polls back here concerning the war...screw them. Millions of real Americans support you and the War. Remember this: only 1/3 of the colonists supported the Revolutionary War. I will say it again...2/3's of the colonists were cowards. George Washington kicked the @#$% out of the most powerful nation in the world with only the help and support of 1/3 of the collonies.
If you need another reason to kill the scum here it is. OBL...said in 1997 that he wanted to reduce the population of America to 50 million. You read it right. He wants to kill 300 million Americans. You won't find that in the media or the hear it from the Democrats.
As a former Naval Aviator...I salute you. WHORaaaaaaaa.


Just wanted to say Hello, keep safe, and think of all of you often! Take care,


On behalf of those who appreciate you and your families sacrifices, this is just a simple "Thank You" from a guy in Florida.

Hope you can keep blogging regularly and stay safe.

God Bless and OoohRah!


Trusting and praying you are all safe.


Hey Shawn. Glad to hear that you are still doing good and staying strong! Haven't posted anything in a long time-just wanted to say hello to you and Tiffany. Still praying for both of you every day. Take care and we will see you soon.



I hope you're doing well. My heart goes out to you and Tiffany. Thanks for the postcard--that was awesome! Stay safe and know you're still in my thoughts and prayers.



Shawn, I notice you haven't posted in a while. I know you've got a ton going on, but I wanted to let you know we're still thinking of you and hoping all is well. Keep up the good work, soldier, and keep the faith.

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